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2009 Team Photo

June 6th, 2009, at the Silas K. Pierce Cup Tournament (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

JRick "Sparky" Fuchs accepts the Pierce Cup trophy from Gordon Olson of the Kent Base Ball Club.  The Frogs won all three of their matches at the tournament.

Brad "Doc" James and Rick "Sparky" Fuchs pose with the Pierce Cup trophy.  The Frogs were declared co-champions of the tournament, sharing the honor with the Bay City Independents.

2008 Photos
2008 Team Photo

August 20th, 2008, at the Ohio Cup (Columbus, Ohio)

Jeremy "Professor" Potter delivers a pitch to a member of the Deep River Grinders at the 2008 Ohio Cup Festival.  The Frogs edged the Grinders seven to six.

Mike "General" Mills attempts to dodge the tag of a Columbus Capitals fielder.  The Frogs defeated the Capitals by a score of six to three.

August 23rd, 2008, at Sauder Village (Archbold, Ohio)

A crowd of eager spectators watches as Dan "Money" Close flawlessly catches a fielder's throw in the annual Sauder Village match against the Ohio Muffins.  Mike "General" Mills backs up Mr. Close on the play.

Brad "Streetcar" Pfiefer watches the action from the basepathes as the Frogs and Muffins play.  The Frogs scored eleven aces to the Muffins six.

2007 Photos

2007 Team Photo

Ohio Cup 2007
Rick "Sparky" Fuchs bats in the Ohio Village against the Genesee Contry Village team.  The Frogs defeated the New Yorkers by a score of 9 to 5.
Ohio Cup 2007
Rob "Hammer" Rudski leaps to make a bare-handed catch at first base during an Ohio Cup match against the Indianapolis Blues.  The Blues defeated the Frogs by a score of 3 to 2.

Ohio Cup 2007
Mike "General" Mills sprints to first during a match against the Cincinnati Red Stockings.
Ohio Cup 2007
Chris "Peach" Pitman bats against the Cincinnati Red Stockings during an Ohio Cup match.

Ohio Cup 2007
Jeremy "Professor" Potter pauses after reaching first safely in a match against the Cincinnati Red Stockings..

Curly Pitches
Brad "Streetcar" Pfiefer watches his hit as he races to first base.  The Ohio Cup match against the Cincinnati Red Stockings ended in a 3-3 tie.

2006 Photos

2006 Team Photo

2005 Photos

Teams mug
The Great Black Swamp Frogs and the Cincinnati Buckeyes pose for pictures after a match.
G.H. verifies the score
Judge Boyd "G.H." Montgomery verifies the score as the Frogs and Buckeyes shake hands.

Doc & Buckeyes
Field Captain "Doc" James salutes the Frogs' worthy adversaries, the Cincinnati Buckeyes.

Curly Pitches
Woodstock (ON) Actives hurler Mike "Curly" Bragg delivers the ball in a match against the Ohio Village Muffins at Flower Hospital (Sylvania, Ohio).

2004 Photos

The Frogs salute their worthy opponents, the Indianapolis Blues, at the 2004 Ohio Cup.  The Frogs lost the match 1 - 2.

Alternate text.
Doc delivers a pitch against the Rock Springs Ground Squirrels at the 2004 Ohio Cup.  The Frogs won the match 1 - 0.
Doc and the General watch as Sparky bats against the  Northville Eclipse during the Sylvania Cup Torunament.  The Frogs lost this match 1 - 3.

The Frogs mill about before the start of a match against the Northville Eclipse during the Sylvania Cup Tournament.

A Luddigton Mariner mans third during a match against the Frogs during the Sylvania Cup Tournament.  The Frogs won the match 3 - 2.

Sparky takes a lead against the Midland Mighty River Hogs during the Sylvania Cup Tournament .  The Frogs won this match 10 - 5.

The Frogs and the Woodstock Actives pose after an Independance Day match at Pacesetter Park  The Actives beat the Frogs by a score of 14 to 5.

Older Frogs Photos

Old Team Photo #1

Old Team Photo #2

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