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Frogs Return North with One More Notch in Win Column

   Columbus, Ohio -The twenty-second rendition of the Ohio Cup Base Ball Festival, the oldest and largest gathering of vintage base ball clubs in the country, featured thirty teams from six states: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.  On the evening before the Saturday matches, a special event took place on the Muffin Meadow of the Ohio Village.  The first ever Ohio Cup All-Clubs Match featured players from many of the thirty teams, including Jeff "Wrong Way" Rice of the Great Black Swamp Frogs.  This year also marked the twenty-second consecutive year in which the base ball club from Sylvania, Ohio had participated in Ohio Cup matches and festivities.
In their first match on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon on the last date of the August calendar, the Frogs fell to a distinguished club from Missouri.  The St. Louis Empires ruled the Frogs on the Capitoline Grounds by a score of 5 to 1.
A couple of hours later, the Frogs played the Maroons, another renowned club from St. Louis, on the Union Grounds.  The Frogs again tallied one early ace but were unable to add any more runs as many Frogs batsmen struck well but too often found the ball bounding into the hands of the Maroons.  As a result, while several Frogs reached the first, second and third bases safely, none were able to also make the home base again.  In the final frame, the St. Louis Maroons managed to cross the home base for their first ace of the match -- and then capped off their late rally with two more tallies for a 3 to 1 victory over the Frogs.
In their third and final match of the day, on the magnificent Muffin Meadow, the Frogs played the Welkin BBC of Port Huron, Michigan for the first time ever.  Field Captain Brad "Doc" James juggled the Frogs batting order with the hope of seeing the Frogs muster more than one ace in an Ohio Cup match.  The Welkins struck well and made some fine plays to even the score at one run apiece for the early innings.  Then, as the sun started to descend in the western sky during their final at bat, the Frogs finally started to reach base safely one right after another.  The Great Black Swamp club capitalized on this fortunate turn of events, sending 13 strikers to the line and ringing the tally bell 7 times.  Doc's ingenious strategy had paid off as the Frogs held on to win, 8 aces to 1.
Over the course of the day, spectators from far and wide got to see Eric "Clothesline" Kutchenriter reach base safely all five times he batted.  The spectators were also delighted to witness, and the Frogs were the grateful beneficiaries of, some very fine plays by catchers Jonathon "Mule" Pack and "Wrong Way" Rice.  It is also notable that the Frogs scored in the first inning of all three games and led all three games by a score of 1 to 0 after the first inning.  With this feat in mind, the Frogs will do their best to not only score early but also often throughout their matches at their season finale, the Tiffin Heritage Festival, on the last full day of summer, September 21st.
Reported by Mark Skolnicki, September 4, 2013

Frogs Shine Over Stars in Another Wild One at Wildwood

   Toledo, Ohio -  The Great Black Swamp Frogs of Sylvania, Ohio played the Wyandotte (Michigan) Stars at Wildwood Metropark on August 18th in the final Frogs’ home match of the season.  The Frogs tallied one ace in the first inning to stake a slim, early lead but the Stars earned the next five aces in the following five frames.  Then, in the seventh inning, as they did in the opening match of the season at Wildwood, the Frogs staged another thrilling comeback and kept the tally keepers busy by running the bases and reaching the home base five times.  Neither team managed to tally any more aces in the final two frames as the Frogs held on to win the well-contested match by a score of 6 to 5 runs.
   Leading the way for the Frogs, Mike "Bacon" Mathis (Right Fieldsman) and Tyler "Junior" James (Center Fieldsman) were on base three times, while Cyrus "Cyclone" Sarosh (Left Fieldsman) and Darius "Hoot" Sarosh (Short Stop) each hit the ball far enough to make three bases before the ball was returned.  It also could be said that the Frogs emerged victorious because each and every member of the Frogs Base Ball Club contributed along the way.  Each Frog batsman reached base safely at least once; and, when on the playground, every Frog assisted in or made at least one put out of their worthy adversaries. 
   Along with the four fine Frogs already mentioned, these gentlemen also proudly represented the Great Black Swamp club on that sunny Sunday afternoon: Jeremy "Perfesser" Potter (Pitcher), Eric "Clothesline" Kutchenriter (Catcher), Mark "Goose" Skolnicki (First Baseman), Erik "Misstep" Michaels (Second Baseman), Rick "Sparky" Fuchs (Second Baseman and Field Captain), and Jeff "Wrong Way" Rice (Third Baseman).  All in all, it was a fine day to play base ball, the way it was meant to be played!

Reported by Mark Skolnicki, August 23, 2013

Frogs Fall in Fremont

   Fremont, Ohio -  The Great Black Swamp Frogs of Sylvania, Ohio, traveled to Fremont, Ohio, on Sunday, August 4th, for a match at Spiegel Grove against the Squires.  The Squires used the trees on the grounds of the home of President Rutherford B. Hayes to their advantage, scoring nine runs in their first four at bats to build an early lead.  The Frogs, as is their custom, chipped away at the Squires; lead as the match progressed.  As they came to bat in the final frame, the Frogs trailed the Squires by only two aces but were retired quietly and in order to end the game.  The Squires emerged victorius by a score of 9 to 7.
Reported by Rick Fuchs, August 9, 2013

Frogs Win Second Straight Sauder Cup

   Archbold, Ohio -  That the Black Swamp Frogs were able to take home the Sauder trophy for a second year in a row was nothing short of a miracle after their terrible start to the day.   The Sauder Vintage Base Ball tournament was held on Saturday, July 27th, in the horse pasture at Sauder Village.   Numerous spectators were on hand to witness the three base ball matches.
   The Spiegel Grove Squires scored early and often against the Frogs int he first match, and led the contest by a score of 10 to 2 after five innings of play.  The Frogs pushed two runs across in the sixth inning, but the otucome still looked bleak when the  ballists from Sylvania came to strike in the bottom of the seventh inning.  After two quick outs, the Frogs' bats suddenly came alive, and aided by some Squire generosity (and a tremendous amount of luck) the men from Sylvania exploded for seven runs to end the game.  The final score was 11 to 10 in favor of the Frogs.
   Despite a sudden downpour that delayed the start of the second match and sent fans and players alike scurrying for shelter, the Frogs' strikers stayed sharp for the second match of the day as they faced the Muffins from the Ohio Village in Columbus, Ohio.  Sylvania built an early lead and steadily added to it throughout the game.  The Muffins attempted to exploit defensive weakness on the right side of the Frogs' infield, but despite putting many runners on base they were unable to tally many aces.  The Frogs emerged triumphant in the second match by a score of 14 to 3.
  The third match of the day featured the Muffins and Squires.  The two teams played a spirited game, and were tied at 6 entering the bottom half of the seventh inning.  The Squires rose to the challenge, scoring twice in the final frame to win the game by a score of 8 to 6.

Reported by Rick Fuchs, July 31, 2013

Wheels Roll Over Frogs at Walker Tavern Crossroads

    Brooklyn, Michigan -  On Sunday, July 21st,  the Frogs traveled to historic Walker Tavern at the crossroads in Brooklyn, Michigan, for a match against one of the Wolverine State's finest clubs, the Walker Wheels.  The Wheels rolled to a large early lead thanks to their prodigious striking.  The Frogs battled back early to pull within two tallies as they slowly adjusted to play under the Rules of 1867 and to the ups and downs of the hillside field below the tavern. But the home club surged ahead, placing substantial sums on the scoreboard again and again in the final four frames.  Upon the merciful conclusion of the match, the Walker Wheels had walloped the Great Black Swamp Frogs despite extraordinary efforts by the Sylvania nine, including the Frogs who hail from Michigan - Darius "Hoot" Sarosh, Cyrus "Cyclone" Sarosh, and Mike "Bacon" Mathis.

Reported by Mark Skolnicki, July 24, 2013

Frogs Fortunate to Win Versus Wahoos

   Toledo, Ohio
On July 14, the Great Black Swamp Frogs hosted the Wahoo Base Ball Club of Royal Oak in what has become a highly anticipated annual tradition -- a base ball match played by the two clubs on the sloping lawn at the corner of Seaman and Wheeling Streets on a hot and humid summer afternoon. The Wahoos wowed the wonderful Lutheran Home residents, their kin, and countless other spectators, by collecting many more aces than the Frogs in the first few innings.  The fortunes of the Frogs turned midway in the match as the Frogs leveled the ledger and eventually jumped ahead of the Wahoos for a final tally of twenty to ten. 

Reported by Mark Skolnicki, July 24, 2013

Sister Cities Cup Stay in Sylvania Short but Sweet

   Toledo, Ohio -  On July Fourth, the Great Black Swamp Frogs hosted the Woodstock Actives at Wildwood Metropark in their annual Independence Day Match.  After several seasons of not being able to capture the Sister Cities Cup, the Sylvania club hosted a match with the Woodstock nine as defenders of the cherished challenge bucket.  But alas, on this warm and muggy day the gentlemen from Canada jumped out in front of the Frogs early and never relinquished the lead.  The Actives had the much better day in the field and at the striker's line, yielding only three runs while crossing the home base nine times.
   The Frogs look forward to next year's friendly rivalry and trip to Woodstock, Ontario, for another chance to return to Sylvania, Ohio with the Sister Cities Cup. 

Reported by Mark Skolnicki, July 7 2013
Frogs Seize Sister Cities Cup

   Woodstock, Ontario -  The Sister Cities Cup resides in Sylvania once more, at least for now.  On July 1st, the Great Black Swamp Frogs travelled to Woodstock, Ontario, to play their annual Canada Day Match against the Woodstock Actives.  The Frogs prevailed in a close game, that featured both clubs exchanging leads multiple times.  The Actives scored their final ace in the seventh inning, anf the Frogs held on to win by a score of nine to six.
     The Frogs were led at the plate by Jeff "Wrong Way" Rice, who scored each of the three times that he reached base, and by Darius "Hoot" Sarosh, who reached base in each of his four trips to the plate, scoring twice.
      The clubs will meet again on July 4th, this time at Wildwood Metropark, with the fate of the Sister Cities Cup again on the line.

Reported by Rick Fuchs, July 3rd, 2013
Frogs Stomped by Squires, Squash Stinkers

   Delta, OHThe Great Black Swamp Frogs of Sylvania, Ohio were honored to be part of the Village of Delta's Old Fashioned Picnic in the Park.  Several of the Frog regulars were not able to play in the exhibition matches held in conjunction with the Delta Sesquicentennial picnic festivities, but the Frogs had the very good fortune of rounding out the club with four local gentlemen who quickly proved to have the moral attributes and physical qualifications of a model base ball player. 


In the opening match of the day, the Frogs fell to our friends from Fremont and champions of the Sylvania Cup, the Spiegel Grove Squires.  The Squires found the beautiful fields of Delta to their liking, reaching the home base eleven times while the Frogs were only able to muster two tallies.  After witnessing a well played match between Spiegel Grove and Stemtown, the four Frogs from Delta were eager to show the friendly residents of their town that they could lead the Frogs to a victory, which is exactly what they did.  In the final match of the day in Delta -- Sam Tedrick, Rick Maurer, Rick McKibben, and Dan Miller -- were integral reasons why the Frogs prevailed over the Stemtown Stinkers by a score of fifteen runs to four.  The Frogs truly appreciated the Village of Delta for their genuine hospitality, and for sharing their four fine base ball players, on a memorable day that celebrated the rich history of the town and the great game of base ball. 

     Reported by Mark Skolnicki, June 26, 2013
Squires Take Third Consecutive Sylvania Cup

   Sylvania, OH-  The Spiegel Grove Squires of Fremont, Ohio, were undefeated on Saturday, June 15th, to capture their third consecutive Sylvania Cup.  The Squires topped the host Frogs in their first match of the day by a score of eight to two, and then followed with victories over the Wyandotte Ghostriders (21 to 3) and the Monitor BBC of Chelsea, Michigan (10 to 5).
The Monitors and Ghostriders met in an early match, with the Ghostriders prevailing 15 to 7.  Meanwhile, the Frogs rebounded from their early defeat to best the Monitor BBC by a score of 12 to 0, and then finished the day by topping the Ghostriders 14 to 2.
   Base ball skills competitions were held throughout the day.  The title of "Swiftest Runner" was bestowed upon Josh "Speedy" Schmidt of the Spiegel Grove Squires, who circled the bases in 16.69 seconds. 
   The "Farthest Throw" competition intially ended in a tie, with Jesse "Impatient" Shane of the Ghostriders and Cyrus "Cyclone" Sarosh each tallying 248 feet on their best throws.  Each player was awarded a third throw as a tie breaker.  Mr. Shane topped his earlier best by tossing the base ball 255 feet, but Mr. Sarosh would not be outdone,  hurling the spheroid 295 feet for a new Sylvania Cup record.
   Darius "Hoot" Sarosh of the Great Black Swamp Frogs outpaced all other players with eight catches in the air during the day's matches to earn the "Most Fly Balls Caught" award.

     Reported by Rick Fuchs, June 19, 2013
Frogs Win Three, Lose Two at Mayor's Cup

   Upper Sandusky, OH

Frogs Split Eastern Series

   Canal Fulton, OH-  The Great Black Swamp Frogs of Sylvania, Ohio, traveled to picturesque Canal Fulton on Sunday, May 19th, for a pair of matches against clubs from Eastern Ohio.  The opening match pitted the Frogs against Canal Fulton's Mules BBC.  An inning of muffs and missteps in the field doomed the Frogs, as the Mules took advantage of these opportunities to score five runs in the frame.  The Mules then held on to beat the visiting Frogs by a score of seven runs to four.
   Recent history nearly repeated itself when the Frogs took on the Hoover Sweepers in the second match of the day.  A rough inning in the field for the Frogs resulted in an early lead for the Sweepers.  This time, however, the Frogs battled back to win the match with a pair of runs in their final at bat.

     Reported by Rick Fuchs, May 28, 2013
Frogs Score Five In Seventh, Hop Over Risers

   Toledo, OH-  The Great Black Swamp Frogs of Sylvania, Ohio, opened their 2013 season on May 5th with a thrilling come-from-behind victory over the Early Riser BBC of Detroit, Michigan, by a final score of nine to six at Wildwood Metropark.  True to their nickname, the Early Risers jumped out to an early lead over the Frogs by scoring three runs in the first frame, and adding runs in the fourth and sixth.  The Frogs struggled from the line in the early innings,  and trailed the club from Detroit for most of the match.  In the seventh, the Frogs bats finally came alive and seven consecutive Frogs reached base successfully as the club scored five runs to leapfrog their worthy adversaries.
     The Frogs were led by Cyrus "Cyclone" Sarosh and Tyler "Junior" James, each of whom scored two runs in the contest.

     Reported by Rick Fuchs, May 11, 2013

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